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Ryan Behling

When you think of Stephanie, I think of her huge smile! She makes you feel so comfortable. She is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met.  In August of last year when my husband and I decided to put our house for sale. We had no clue how this process went and had only bought a home once 15 years ago. Before she even knew if I was going to choose her, or her Broker. She spent time chatting with me on the phone about the things that we needed to do to get the process rolling. She and her husband even came over one night to inspect the home and give us an idea of things to work toward. In a matter of months, with their suggestions we were ready to put the house on the market.         

Stephanie & Ryan Behling were prompt in getting us up on MLS, a sign in the yard, and professional pictures online in days. Friends and relatives warned us that we might not want to use someone that I already knew. Knowing Stephanie & Ryan made it that much more comfortable for us.            

When anything came up we always felt like we could contact them and they would get right back to us. They would walk us through any of our questions and get us answers as quickly as possible. Our process was seamless and we had a contract within the first week. They closed that deal with ease.      

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From Siesta Key to Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton to Port Charlotte, Ryan Behling advises his customers with the sale or purchase of the most sought-after real estate in today’s market. He regularly traverses Southwest Florida, deriving energy from the diverse neighborhoods, architectural styles and culture of one the world’s greatest beach towns – Venice.

Ryan emphasizes an honest, pragmatic and efficient approach in his business. He doesn’t shy away from directness, and he is known in the industry as a professional who gets to the truth as a way of getting things done – more of someone to hold their hand rather than someone who gets in their face. Ryan also rejects the “one-size-fits-all” approach when working with his customers, as he is a student of humanity who is curious about the backgrounds and interests of each and every client – and how these particular details can help in the process. Ryan observes, listens and asks clear questions to better understand each person’s distinct needs. He then invests the time and resources needed and remains laser-focused until he has helped his customers reach their ultimate goals.

Comfortable handling transactions of any size, Ryan takes the entire process very seriously, starting with market research and analysis and moving onto carefully-crafted and deliberate marketing strategies. The real estate industry changes daily, and Ryan is always on top of the latest market conditions. This approach has gained Ryan a committed group of appreciative repeat and referral clientele.

Ryan, his wife Stephanie, their son Dru and Daughter Savannah live in Venice, FL. Their oldest child, Morgan is proudly serving in the Air Force and is currently stationed in Italy.

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